Thursday, November 20, 2014


$39.25.  That's the average price for a ticket to see your Philadelphia 76ers.

There have been too many articles to count whose subject is the impatience of the average Philadelphia sports fan.  There have been even more articles (including a NYT sports section page one item) concerning the 76ers "plan" to build a winner through patient (management version) drafting and [unstated but hardly a secret] tanking in order to secure high draft picks.

The Sixers have acquired or drafted three big men in the last few years one of whom never played a minute in Philadelphia, one of whom missed his entire rookie year recuperating from an injury, and a third who is also likely to miss his entire rookie year because of injury.

The Sixers have been losing at a prodigious rate for two years and have begun the current year 0-11.

Every single article on the Sixers in the Inquirer contains citations of statistics for the franchise's worst start and the NBA record for worst start.

Ah, but the worst was yet to come...until today.

A former Kentucky player was quoted as saying his college team could beat the Sixers in a series with the latter winning perhaps a game.

So, what's with you impatient Sixers' fans, eh?  Why can't you shell out an average of $39.25 to see one of the worst teams in NBA history?  And, by the way, that $39.25 doesn't include transportation to the game, parking if applicable, food and (just kidding on this next one) souvenirs.  On second thought, some people might be hoarding souvenirs for these losers because, you guessed it, they might be valuable artifacts of a record-setting team.

Boy, you Philadelphia fans sure are impatient!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

How Low Can You Go?

In case you were wondering just how low the Phillies could go, here's a hint:

They signed Jeff Francoeur.

Now, if that ain't the bottom, folks, it must be nearby.