Monday, August 09, 2004

Frogs, Locusts and Boils Next

Which of the gods exactly have the Phillies offended? Now Pat Burrell is done for the season. Every team suffers injuries during the course of the year but the Phillies are starting to resemble an episode of M*A*S*H at this point. The list grows almost daily and makes no distinction between hurlers and position players. A few more casualties and the Phils will have to bring up every able-bodied member of their AAA Scranton club who isn’t already in Philadelphia.

Their starting left fielder, closer, alleged staff ace, and best rookie are all currently on the DL and in some cases out for the season. The cynics among us will have noted by now these latest injuries guarantee another year in the City of Brotherly Love without any post-season appearance. And the unreconstructed doubters out there surely must have observed that Larry Bowa in all likelihood will survive the year. How, after all, can he be expected to produce a winning team when half of it is missing in action?

Well, there’s always the new ballpark to console us. . . for now.

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