Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cling No More

If anyone out there is still clinging to the Phillies’ mathematical chances please let go now if only to preserve your mental health. Losing two out of three to the lowly Cincinnati Reds has put an exclamation point on this very disappointing season.

Monday’s loss was a case of one too many rooks spoiling the broth as Gavin Floyd gave up three first-inning runs as the Phils lost 4-3. On Tuesday Cory Lidle returned to his former place of business and to his earlier form in a Phillies uniform giving up three straight walks and five runs in the first inning after being staked to a one-run lead. Nothing deflates a team faster than having their starter surrender an early lead on the road. Though the Phils climbed back and eventually tied the score thanks to Bobby Abreu’s four rbi’s and David Bell’s hometown home run, the bullpen failed to come through again and the Reds won, 7-6.

On Wednesday Brett Myers' other half (the one that doesn’t lose his cool on the mound and pitches more or less effectively) evened the whole pitcher’s record at 9-9. Pat Burrell hit his second home run of the series and David Bell continued to hit going 2-4 and creeping closer to .300 for the season.

Let the record show the countdown mercifully sits at sixteen games remaining to be played out.

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