Thursday, January 20, 2005

Aging Wonders

Nothing personal, Jose, but why exactly do the Phillies need you? The signing of 36-year old Jose Offerman to a minor league contract gives the Phillies three utility infielders, Tomas Perez, Placido Polanco and Offerman. What, if anything, does GM Ed Wade have up his sleeve? Surely he doesn’t intend to carry three utility infielders next season. Offerman can play outfield, too, but the Phils already have Jason Michaels and Marlon Byrd backing up out there. I can hear the press conference now: Offerman brings a veteran bat, versatility and experience to the clubhouse.

No matter what his mysterious plan may be, Ed has been pulling out all the stops lately in his inimitable way. Lofton, Lidle, Lieber, Adams (yes, fans, Terry is back), Pratt, Perez and Offerman. The Phillies aren’t getting better just older.

Among the youngsters, the signing of Jimmy Rollins to a one-year deal is not encouraging in one respect: for some reason the Phillies don’t appear able to work out a longer-term deal with their star shortstop. The problem might not lie with management., however. This makes at least two straight years Rollins has resisted signing here for more than one season at a time. He may simply be determined to test free agency when his turn comes up. His loss would be tremendous.


Anonymous said...

"Offerman brings a veteran bat, versatility and experience to the clubhouse."

Wow Tom, it seems as if you have heard something similar before...

You also made a good point that Rollins and the Phillies have failed/declined to ink him to a longer deal two years in a row. Are we reading more into that than there really is or will 2005 be his last year?

-- Tom G

SirAlden said...

Here is the bench as it stands...

Pratt, Todd R C 9
Howard, Ryan L 1B 10
Polanco,Placido R IF 11
Perez, Tomas S IF 12
Michaels,Jason R OF 13
Victorino,Shane R OF 14
Offerman, Jose S IF

So what does the OFFERMAN signing mean?

Assuming 14 Hitters and 11 Pitchers

This makes the assumption that Marlon Byrd should start at AAA so that he can regain his stroke and confidence and even his career as former Paul Owens Award winner - just like Freely the 3rd string Eagles Quarterback who was groomed and traded - Byrd may fly again. Best for him and the franchise to help him mend his wings.

This also assumes that Howard is in the Bigs getting 270 At Bats as PH @ 90, 1B @ 90, and DH/1B 90 @ ab in interleague play.

So what does the OFFERMAN signing mean?

It means good things - that Polanco will be traded hopefully for a potential equal to the loss of FA Lieber Draft Picks which was Plan A. Now we have plan AB.

Hope it works - Offerman was a top PH .417 last year a Switch Hitter, a clutch player and most importantly he is from the Dominican Republic where the Phillies have an Academy.

Good Short-Mid-and Long Term Move at a good price.


Tom Goodman said...
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Tom Goodman said...

Sir Alden: You make some excellent points not the least of which were to point out the two players, Howard and Victorino, I neglected to mention as bench players. I forgot the former in part because he is a first baseman while the other three can play all four infield positions and have. I forgot the latter because I am getting old....

Ed Wade must be planning to move Placido. He should bring a good young outfielder with potential to replace Lofton, whose tenure here will be short enough, or a good young pitcher. Polanco has value and the Phils are willing to part with him, two things they cannot and will not put together when other teams ask about many of their young prospects.

Anonymous said...