Monday, February 20, 2006

Put Me Down As Definitely Not Undecided

Even Barry Bonds is getting tired of his act.

In the latest reprise of his you-won’t-have-Barry-to-kick-around speech, Bonds pre-announced his retirement and then decried what has become of his beloved sport while managing at once to blame the media and absolve himself of any responsibility for its current state.

Adding insult to injury, Bonds announced he couldn’t give a damn about records but he’d do us all a favor and play one more season and try and break the all-time home run record because, as he sees it, MLB is obsessed with his doing so.

Such a magnanimous gesture, Mr. Bonds.

Poll after poll shows most baseball fans considerably less than enthusiastic about Bonds’ breaking the record. Early results in today’s ESPN instant poll reveal unanimity across the nation (not a single state shows a plurality for Mr. Bonds): 77% of the 81,856 respondents (at 8:50AM EST) do not want to see Bonds break the record.

Make that an emphatic 81,857…and counting.

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Pawnking said...

Barry Bonds is in many many respects a total jacka... wait, family blog... All I'll say is he would have always been considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time BEFORE "creamgate."

Alas for him and for all of baseball, he apparantly sullied his name and legacy with the use of illegal, or at least unethical, substances. Whether he breaks the record or not (and I'd give his odds at about 35% right now on doing it), he'll be in the HOF, but always with an * in most fans' minds.