Thursday, July 06, 2006

They're Killing Us

We’ve arrived at that point in the season when we can expect to hear the “he’s killing us” line more frequently.

Charlie Manuel?  “He’s killing us.”

Bill Dancy?  “He’s killing us.”

Arthur Rhodes?  “He’s killing us.”

Pat Burrell?  “He’s killing us.”

David Bell”  “He’s killing us.”

The pitching staff?  “They’re killing us.”

Manuel’s offenses are too numerous to list here, but one that caught my eye this morning was an item in the Inquirer in which he publicly acknowledged teams have been inquiring about Carlos Ruiz.   Of all the possible deals this team may be contemplating, why would Manuel make public one involving Ruiz?   Now I begin to understand who was behind the notion that Ruiz was “overmatched” his first time up while loveable and immovable Sal Fasano was viewed as a first string catcher.  Manuel just loves losers, especially veterans who are hanging on.  By the way, did you notice the screamer Ruiz hit to Vinny Castilla in the seventh inning?  Charlie probably saw that as just another instance in which the young catcher was “overmatched”.

What will it take for the Phillies to realize that Bill Dancy cannot coach third base?  His colossal mistakes in judgment now cover two seasons.  The most recent offense came last night when he waved around  Pat Burrell, yes, that Pat Burrell, from first on a double by Aaron Rowand.  Naturally, the leaden footed one was out at home.  With the possible exception of the aforementioned Fasano, there cannot be a slower runner on this team than Pat Burrell, and that is not taking into consideration his injured foot.

Arthur Rhodes has developed a nasty habit of pouring gasoline on fires.  When he isn’t issuing free passes, his pitches usually have some of the plate, especially the middle portion.  That little hitch in his delivery is no doubt the result of the aged one’s attempt to get a little more on the ball.  His ERA over the last several games could be nearing triple digits, but his manager is quoted in today’s paper as having confidence in him.  They make a fine couple.

David Bell?  Well, he’s on the list on principle.

The Phillies finally get a good start from a young pitcher and said young pitcher, Scott Mathieson, shoots himself in the foot by yielding a first-pitch two-run homer to his opposite number, the first in Jake Peavy’s career.  All Phillies pitchers should be made to write on the blackboard 100 times each “The opposing pitcher is not an automatic out.”


Get Pinella Before The Cubs said...

We need coaches and managers who were successful major league players! Is that such a difficult concept to bring to realization!

Oisín/Wizlah said...

see tom, you shouldn't mentioned cholly's observation about other teams looking at ruiz. Now I'm stuck with the thought of us trading away a young catcher for nuthing and spending multi-year money on sal fasano.

As you can see, with every passing day of no movement on a new manager or even a hint of trade winds, my faith in gillick's ability as a gm diminishes.

RickSchuBlues said...

"We need coaches and managers who were successful major league players!"

Oh! Like Jim Leyland, you mean?

That was indeed an interesting blurb in the paper about Manuel pointedly mentioning that other teams had asked about Ruiz. Pray tell, Charlie, who else have they asked about? Don't you know your revelation flies in the face of paranoid, tight-lipped organizational poilicy? Oh, and hey Charlie - who's the catcher next year? Not that you'll be around to care, but let's be hypothetical. If you trade Ruiz, *who is your catcher in 2007?*

Tom Goodman said...

Remind me to try to get into the next poker game in which Charlie Manuel is a player.

I was literally furious when I read that blurb about Ruiz. Apart from what you point out, RSB, how the hell does that make Ruiz feel? Yeah, Charlie, I know trade rumors are part of the game, but since when do they start with a player's manager just a few days after he has been called up?

As of today, I no longer care what Manuel's inevitable fate is, I have no use for him.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Trading Carlos Ruiz would not be good.

And I never thought that it was Charlie Manuel's place to be discussing potential trades. Maybe that's just me.

Nat said...

How does it make Ruiz feel? The possibility of getting traded to a better organziation to team that actually wants him might make him feel pretty good.

I do wonder if the stupid way this team is managed on the field and otherwise has an effect on the players. If Charlie Manuel is leading you into battle, do you think you're coming back alive?

fire the ole geezer said...

stupid is as stupid does

MrPhillySucks said...

Don't insult Forrest Gump with that comparsion!