Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Now For A Message From The Younger Generation

If mid-Winter optimism could be bottled, vendors would already be lining up to sell the elixir on Broad Street for next October’s inevitable parade. The Phillies, at least the core of young studs, believe their time has arrived.

Jimmy Rollins, the veteran of the 20-something crowd, wants to avoid another April swoon this time around. To that end he plans to arrive at camp carrying less weight. Like a jockey looking for an edge, he literally wants to break from the gate faster and figures a few less pounds will help. Sounds like J-Roll has heard the footsteps of new coach Davey Lopes and plans on doing some more running this and out of season. "I think we are the team to beat in the NL East. Finally,” Jimmy announced.

Cole Hamels has less than a season under his belt but the confident lefty, some say even cocky, is already speaking like a veteran let alone throwing like one. He sees himself right behind number one starter Brett Myers in the rotation. Freddy who? Hamels also likes the Phillies’ chances.

The centerfielder, not yet considered a core component despite The Catch, is in mid-season form when it comes to defending his manager. None better, he opines at every opportunity. Best guy he’s ever played for when it comes to creating a positive atmosphere. People don’t know the real Cholly, he insists.

The big first baseman, Mr. Hardware, is smiling that 1000 megawatt smile and still taking all questions in stride…including ones about his salary. Thus far I’ve not heard of any office pools on when he will finally tire of all the attention. Apparently, among his many virtues is patience. If he can extend that virtue to his plate appearances and cut down on the K’s, he is going to be even more frightening to opposing pitchers.

The newest millionaire of the lot, second baseman Chase Utley, may be the wisest of all the young Turks. He took a look at the media and caravan itineraries in the Delaware Valley and scheduled his wedding at the opposite end of the country and honeymoon in another country altogether for the same exact time. Talented and smart.

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RickSchuBlues said...

Hamels is a cocky one, isn't he? He believes his 8-8 rookie season entitles him to rank above Freddie Garcia in the rotation. I think we can all agree Hamels has the potential to be a much better pitcher than Garcia, even this season, but - much like the Phillies somehow being 'the team to beat' after missing the playoffs thirteen consecutive season - that hasn't happened yet.

Someone settle these young'uns down. I've seen stronger Phillies teams than this finish out of the running.