Friday, July 20, 2007


I guess you can safely say the San Diego Padres are living proof pitching remains the name of the game. Last night Chris Young beat Cole Hamels in a taught duel, 1-0, one of those games in which it was a shame anyone had to lose. It was an even greater shame the Phillies wasted a relatively rare stellar performance from a starter, but, then, the offensive juggernaut from Philadelphia frequently runs off the tracks at inopportune times. It won't help to say they should have saved a few of the 26 hits from the other night in LA to provide Hamels with some support because the entire season has been all or nothing for these Phillies.

With three games remaining on the Western swing, the Phils are 1-3. Oh, and they are below sea level again at 47-48. I've stopped counting the number of times they rise and sink below the waves. They are strictly an average team. Sure, they have had a lot of injuries to overcome, but at the risk of beating a dead horse, two big ones -- Tom Gordon and Freddy Garcia -- were or should have been predictable and one even bigger one -- Brett Myers -- was entirely avoidable. They are getting what they deserve.

A few more losses and the question of whether the Phils will be buyers or sellers at the trading deadline should be moot.

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Chris said...

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