Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Game

Crazy game, eh?

Kyle Kendrick follows what was arguably his worst outing as a Phillie with last night's team life-saving gem, the best outing of his big league career. He limited the A's to four hits over eight innings, carrying a no-hitter into the fifth.

Chase Utley, mired in the throes of an awful slump, breaks out of it not by getting two or three hits but by getting four for the night, a home run shy of hitting for the cycle. In the process he raised his average eight points.

Jayson Werth, hardly your prototypical lead off guy, walks, is the front man on a double steal, and scores a run in the first inning, giving the Phils the lead for the first time in what seems like a month. Werth's run stands up as the winning one as the Phils beat Oakland 4-0.

Crazy game.

The best team this year in interleague play? The Kansas City Royals, who have won twelve games against NL opponents. This is the same Royals club that lost twelve straight games in May.

Crazy Game

New York's David Wright took a seat the night before last, against his wishes (though he didn't sqawk). Manager Jerry Manuel thought the night off would do his third baseman some good, "freshen" him up as he put it. So how did Wright respond when he found himself back in the lineup? He homered in his first two AB's.

Maybe Charlie Manuel should give Ryan Howard a night off. A complete night night, that is. No sitting him through the first seven innings only to succumb and use him as a pinchhitter late in the game. Give him one entire night off...with pay. Lots of pay.

Crazy Game

Don't look now but old friend El Enigma won his tenth game of the season the other night while lowering his ERA to 3.74. Word is this Texas Ranger might be named to the AL All Star rotation.

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