Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It always comes down to pitching, doesn't it?!

Cole Hamels, on whom it is safe to say the entire season rests, has reported enough soreness in his left elbow to return to Philadelphia for an examination. Meanwhile, roughly 6 million people in the Delaware Valley hold their collective breath.

Kyle Kendrick, expected to compete for the fifth starter's job, is now in a desperate fight just to make the 25-man roster. Based on his performances to date, the odds are very long.

Apart from Scott Eyre, no reliable lefty is currently on board in the bullpen despite numerous auditions and, no doubt, constant scrutiny of the waiver wire and dustbins.

Is anyone else uncomfortable regarding Jamie Moyer? Yes, I know, he's been remarkable over the last few seasons, but eventually time has to catch up with him. I liken Moyer's defiance of age to the three bars on my aging cellphone battery meter. Once only two remain green, I know deterioration is looming just around the corner and, sure enough, the meter frequently goes from two greens to fading yellow in a matter of a few short hours.

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Fess up, how many of you knew Chase Utley was 30 years old before reading yesterday's piece in the Inquirer about his remarkable progress in recovering from hip surgery? Thirty certainly isn't old, especially from where I sit, but I have to remind myself Utley has "only" been a regular for four and half seasons and that he didn't take over as a 22-year old phenom but was brought along slowly and deliberately by the Phillies.

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This isn't an apology for the WBC because I don't care enough to describe what I am about to write as one. That said, who really cares about a series played when many of the participants, with the notable exception of the Cuban squad at the very least, are expected to compete at what is the beginning of their Spring Training? There really isn't a good time to stage this nonsense. Mid-season would demand too much time and the end of the year too much strain on tired bodies, especially arms. So, here's a solution: drop it.

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Jay Ballz said...

I enjoyed this year's WBC. Last time around, I didn't have too much of an opinion, but I didn't watch too many of the games.

I really liked the aspect of national pride, and I loved the opportunity to see all of the Asian players. Also, I honestly have never enjoyed watching non-Phillies games on TV more than I enjoyed those Netherlands games. The 2009 WBC was great.