Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Fish!

Your 2009 Philadelphia Phillies limped out of town this afternoon after having been nearly no-hit by a no-body.

That makes two straight losses to the Brewers in which the mighty Phils scoreda grand total of two runs, both on solo homers. That's right, sports fans, two swings of the bat were all the Phils could muster against the Brewers' Braden Looper and Dave Bush, hardly the second coming get the point. To make matters worse, those two swings came in the ninth inning Wednesday night and the eighth inning this afternoon respectively, just before time and team expired.

After fourteen games it's clear once again April is the cruelest month for ballplayers in Red pinstripes. They cannot hit with any consistency and they cannot pitch with much either. The starting rotation is filled with veterans with the exception of Cole Hamels yet none of them is a stabilizing presence. Overall, the bullpen has been inconsistent, too.

So, it's off to Florida for the weekend, where the Marlins always play the Phillies tough. The only consolation to be found, and like most consolations this one hardly suffices, is that with the exception of the Marlins, whom the Pirates just cooled off after the Fish began the season 11-1, the entire NL East is under .500 as of this posting. Who would have predicted that????!!!!!

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