Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I just finished reading in the Inky where Jayson Werth was quoted as saying he was "unwanted" in Philadelphia and now has "found a home" in Washington. Readers of this space know I've never held Werth in high intellectual regard. Indeed, let's hope his new contract in Washington calls for him to be watered regularly.

I guess having been reclaimed from the scrap heap, having been brought along patiently, then been handed the starting job and finally been offered $15 million a year for three or four years all added up to the Phillies not wanting Jayson. Well, here's hoping the 19 Nationals fans, 211 ushers and 153 vendors who regularly show up for games in DC make Werth feel right at home. If they cannot, the Phillies fans who regularly outnumber locals by two or three to one at Nationals home games can always make him feel "unwanted".

Meanwhile, where can I sign up to feel as "unwanted" as Werth?

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Matty said...

It's rare when a pro athlete leaves town and actually has something nice to say about their former team. Getting paid jillions of dollars to play a boys game, having four months off in a row, and he says stuff like that. What a genius.