Thursday, July 21, 2011

Domonic Brown

2003: 43 games .239 BA 2 HR 21 RBI .322 OBP
2004: 94 games .266 BA 13 HR 57 RBI .308 OBP

Those are Chase Utley's numbers for his first two seasons.

2010: 35 games* .210 BA 2 HR 13 RBI .237 OBP
2011: 48 games .238 BA 5 HR 16 RBI .339 OBP

* 62 total AB's

Those are Domonic Brown's numbers for his first two seasons to date.

All those who already want to trade Domonic Brown don't have a clue. Many of these same idiots are convinced Brown will never be a decent fielder. Utley was a very mediocre second baseman when he arrived in the big leagues.

Now, granted, Utley has a work-ethic second to none and Brown has had his lapses. But the rookie made no excuses, accepting responsibility for those lapses. He seems eager to learn. He has lots of potential. He plays a position where the Phillies are weak.

Trading him would be a huge mistake and the Phillies' alleged brain trust isn't about to do it.

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Adam said...

Also people need to keep in mind that Dom is only 23. Utley's first 2 seasons you got there are age 24 and 25.