Friday, January 25, 2013

On Second Thought....

Considering everything Ruben Amaro has said and done in the last few seasons, he ought to do Domonic Brown a favor and trade the lad.  If anyone needed a fresh start, it's Dom.  The Phillies went from anointing him the crown jewel of the organization's youngsters to a guy who needed more seasoning, to a guy who had to earn the job to a guy who, well, what...?  A platoon player at best before the season gets underway?

Listen, I'm unimpressed with Dom's defense and we all can see he hasn't delivered the power numbers expected.  Those things said, does any young player maintain his confidence when the alleged brain trust never misses an opportunity to degrade him publicly?

So, do him a favor, Rube; trade him away.  After all, the Phils are simply trying to hold onto third place before the season gets underway.  Why not start rebuilding now?  The window of opportunity closed a year ago, Rube.

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