Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Refuge

I was out of town the day Charlie Manuel was fired so I am a little late to the "party".  Nevertheless, here goes:

Firing managers is usually the last refuge of inept general managers and Ruben Amaro's sudden dismissal of Manuel was a classic case in point.

Manuel wasn't a great strategist, nor was he a adept at moves such as the double switch.  He was a players' manager, well-liked by most who passed through the Phillies' clubhouse during his tenure.  What he did not deserve was to be dismissed with a month and a half remaining in this, his final contract year.  Amaro was responsible for failing to begin the rebuilding process after last season.  He could not be held responsible for the rash of injuries to key players, but he failed to fill holes on this squad, especially in the outfield and bullpen, and he signed free agents and resident players to ruinous contracts.

For this, Manuel was fired.  It's always easier to fire the manager.  Isn't that the baseball axiom?

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