Monday, October 28, 2013

Under Water

With basketball about to get underway. four of Philadelphia's five major league sporting teams (the Union being the exception) could easily have losing records by the end of each season.  These are the Winter, Spring, Fall and Summers of our discontent.

The Sixers are being projected to make a serious run at  the worst overall one year record, a distinction held by...the Sixers of 1972-73.  Every prognosticator gives them no chance of winning more than a handful of games...if that.  The New York Times projection put it best:  "The team’s off-season highlights: trading its lone young All-Star, G Jrue Holiday; trading for a player with a fear of flying, F Royce White, and then releasing him; and acquiring a rookie with one good knee, C Nerlens Noel."  

Management insists they are building for the future and this year's record is immaterial.  As long as we're talking long-term here, has anyone in the Sixers' alleged brain trust stopped to consider they won't be anyone IN THE BUILDING by the time there plan is implemented?

Meanwhile, across the street the Eagles are a complete mess.  Their vaunted offensive genius, rookie head coach Chip Kelly, has seen his fast-tempo offense score a total of 3 points in their last eight quarters.  The only touchdown during those two games was scored by the defense.  Speaking of that group, the defense looks much improved thanks in no small measure to the schedule-makers, who lined up three straight inept teams for the Eagles to face.

Kelly was supposed to bring speed, innovation and imagination to the offense.  Frankly, they look as dull as Andy Reid's worst incarnations.  It doesn't help that they've lost their number one and two quarterbacks and have had to resort to Matt Barkley, whose performances under duress and with little time to prepare appear to explain quite clearly why he was still available when the Eagles drafted him in the fourth round.

Michael Vick hasn't been an admirable human being though I am willing to give him some credit for having paid his off-field "debt to society".  He has been an admirable athlete insofar as his willingness to keep on keepin' on despite taking a beating.  But, he cannot stay healthy and when he is healthy he cannot stay consistent.  His days are numbered.  Nick Foles was given a Wally Pipp-Lou Gehrig opportunity and blew it before the concussion.

The Eagles need a new quarterback.

The Eagles need a lot of things, really.  Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana or Slingin' Sammy Baugh couldn't rescue this bunch.

The Flyers have won two straight to move nowhere in their division.  They still are in last place.  In their case it is reasonable to wait a little longer to see if the new system being implemented by new coach Craig Berube can make a difference.  The Flyers of recent times under Peter Laviolette always seemed to be playing a system for which they were ill-suited or incapable of.  The most troubling development of the last year and a half has been the inability of their top scorers to score.  Yikes.

The Phillies started all this losing way back in April of this year.  It appears they will pick up where they left off in April of next year.

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