Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Placido Polanco

The baseball world and bloggers have finally caught up with what I have been saying about Placido Polanco for months now. There are precious few ball players today who can field as well while demonstrating as much bat control in the same package. He is far too valuable to let go.


Tom G. said...

I don't think any of us ever thought PP was no good, I think what we all figured was that Utley was cheaper and provided more pop. But when you take a look at the numbers, it might be better to try and unload Bell than let PP walk.

Tom G

Tom Goodman said...

I fear Polanco is already a lost cause. The Phils will have a very difficult time moving Bell and, frankly, his performance at bat last season will likely dissuade them. But when measuring Bell's overall contribution, his errors in the field should be weighed. The re-signing of Tomas Perez was a good move because he is a true utility man and Placido doesn't have to settle for that role when he is justifiably an every day player. Utley deserves a chance because of that pop he provides but he is a come down from Polanco defensively and I wouldn't be surprised if over the course of an entire season in which both got, say, 500 at-bats, his OBP was lower, too, because he never walks.

Tom Goodman said...

I neglected to add to my comment that Polanco doesn't walk much either but he will likely hit for a higher average because he makes contact more.

Tom G. said...

However, I think it would be a net-gain if the Phils were to let PP go, install Utley at 2B, and use the saved money (in combination with additional money) to sign a darn good starter.

I do agree with you, Bell would be hard to trade, I think the Phils would have to eat part of the contract.