Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wolf for Jones

Baseball teams tend to avoid trading within their own division, but there are plenty of exceptions. The Phillies haven’t shied away from such moves, the Johnny Estrada for Kevin Millwood trade being the most recent and painful reminder. I mention this because I think the Phils should trade Randy Wolf to Atlanta for Andruw Jones.

Wolf would benefit from pitching in the more spacious Turner Field and from the guidance of legendary coach Leo Mazzone. Jones would benefit from a change of scenery. Both are still young though it has been said that Jones, only 27 years old, has a lot of mileage on him having already logged nine years in the majors.


Jason Weitzel said...

Andruw Jones has been mentioned before in some trade rumors, but the situation now hinges on their ability to resign J.D. Drew. If the team somehow manages to resign him, they may entertain some offers for the centerfielder, but it appears like that will be a longshot.

The idea of the Phillies facing another junkball lefthander in Wolf, three or four times a year no less, is something I'd rather not think about. I can hardly watch the Mike Hampton games.

I guess the Phillies would benefit most if that deal worked out. It's their biggest hole.

Tom G. said...

I don't want the Phillies trading with Atlanta at all. I think Wade is a decent GM, but I think Schuerholz can run circles around him. There's no way we could win a deal with them.