Monday, March 20, 2006

Finally, End Of An Era...Or Is It?

Only in Philadelphia could the fans lament losing a player they loathed, albeit to a team (Dallas) they have loathed far longer.

The Terrell Owens era was all but over in November, but the denouement was delayed until his release (or unlikely re-signing) became official last week.  During the interim, few teams were tempted but it took only one and Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys and, pardon the pun, a cowboy if ever there were one, stepped up and took a chance.

But really, how much of a chance did Jones really take?  After all, there is usually at least one honeymoon season with Terrell Owens before he alienates half his teammates, most of the fans, and every quarterback who doesn’t see him as primary, secondary and even tertiary receiver on every play.

No matter.  Every red pen came out in the Delware Valley in anticipation of circling the dates when the Eagles and Cowboys come to blows.   And while some of Owens’ former teammates would no doubt like to separate his inflated hat size from the rest of his body, I would imagine coach Reid would like his defense to concentrate on more than chasing number 81 around the field seeking revenge.

So, Eagles’ fans and players, get over it.

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