Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sailing On

To be a Phillies fan this season is not unlike teetering across the rolling deck of a ship as it pitches in a stormy sea.  Over to the portside one moment, starboard the next, hanging on for dear life.

Continuing momentarily with our nautical theme, I was prepared to hang out a simple Gone Fishin’ sign this morning instead of posting anything after Washington took a 6-3 lead late into the game Wednesday night when, all of sudden, Bobby Abreu hits a two run homer in the eighth, pinch runner Shane Victorino scored on a ground out to tie the game in the same inning and Ryan Howard delivered a game-winning RBI single to right in the tenth.

Late rally.  Disaster averted.

It is also bears mentioning that the Reverse Curse is alive and well in 2006.  Having noted the Mets torrid start the other day, I can humbly announce they immediately proceeded to drop the next two games and the series to visiting Atlanta.

The Phils are only four games back.

And their ship and its passengers live to pitch back and forth another day.

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