Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Memo to Chase Utley: Enough already.

You’ve been playing baseball virtually nonstop since last February and March when you joined the United States squad for the inaugural WBC. Next, you played your heart out for nearly all of the Phillies 162 games. You didn’t even take time off for the All-Star break, which admittedly would have been awkward since you were voted a starter. Following the regular season, you did manage a brief involuntary vacation while you and your teammates watched the post-season on television, but as soon as the World Series concluded it was off to Japan for a tour with a squad of MLB stars including teammate Ryan Howard.

Time to take a break, Chase.

Memo to Ryan Howard: Don’t stop now.

Ryan, your playing streak has not lasted quite as long as that of your sidekick Chase, and, frankly, the way you are hitting everything out of sight on both sides of the Pacific it would be a shame to stop now. Nonetheless, in a few days it looks like you, too, are going to have to sit a spell. You can pick up where you left off come next April.

Memo to Art Howe: Art, could it be we hardly knew ya’?

Looks like Art Howe may put in the shortest tenure in Phillies history as a third base coach if the Texas Rangers’ new head man, Ron Washington, hires him to be his bench coach. Talk about sending a man home.

Memo to Pat Gillick: Don’t let all that money burn a hole in your pocket!

Just when the Phillies finally have gotten out from under on some of the onerous long-term contracts they lavished on players in the past and just when they appear to be working on getting out from under one more if they can move Pat Burrell, all signs indicate they are interested in going all in on one free agent, Alfonso Soriano. GM Pat Gillick and manager Charlie Manuel have been sending out all sorts of vibes that Soriano would look very good in red pinstripes. The only announced sticking point would be if Soriano insisted on a no-trade clause as part of the deal. Gillick will have none of that. My considerably less money is on Soriano signing elsewhere.

Memo to Pat Burrell: Widen your trade zone if not your strike zone.

Pat, do you really want to endure another summer of boos in Philadelphia? How many more times can you back away from balls right down the middle of Broadway? In the end, Pat, are you happy?

While I would admit you are still a decent threat to knock in some runs, your time in Philadelphia hasn’t exactly been gratifying…to all involved. If it is true some players benefit from a change in scenery, you are not the exception that will disprove the rule.


Dick Richards said...

Memo to Tom Goodman: Keep on doing what you are doing at Swing And A Miss.

Tom Goodman said...

That is very nice of you to say, Dick. Thank you.

Maria said...

Ryan Howard...what can you say. He won MVP of that whole MLB-NBP series and won the Overall Player of the Year and the NL Outstanding Position Player award. One more to go.

RickSchuBlues said...

Art Howe has become the shortest-lived Phillie since Mike Jackson in 2000. I wonder if Gillick will replace him on the coaching staff with Dick Williams or Davey Johnson.

Tom Goodman said...

RSB: Saw your comments over on Beerleaguer about Rich Hoffman's column and Phillies' needs and agree with you usual. I am going to say more about that in a future post. I especially agree with the idea that the Phillies may have been burned by some decisions in the past, both financial and in terms of player evaluation, but that doesn't mean they should run and hide from such decisions now or in the future.

As for Howard, Maria, I'd like to think he will win the MVP, domestic division, but if not I'll bet he is the last guy who would be bitter or very disappointed. He has a lot to look forward to and appears to do so. I wish I had his temperament.

Jon said...

Howe will probably be replaced by someone like John Russell. If Manuel goes, then maybe a Davey Johnson will surface.

enrico said...

I'm with Mr. Richards. Good stuff over here.

Utley could use a vacation. I wonder what Chase likes to do in the off season. I'm guessing he watches game tapes and practices grounders somewhere sunny in Cali.

Tom Goodman said...

Thanks, enrico.

Jon: I didn't think of Davey Johnson but Jack McKeon came to mind!