Tuesday, November 21, 2006

See You After The Break

Barring a trade for Vernon Wells or a comeback announcement by Steve Carlton, I am taking off the next few days to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with my extended family. The menu always includes a few items peculiar to my upbringing in Baltimore, chief among which is a sauerkraut dish I make every year. Yeah, I know, you eat what?

I am responsible for cooking the turkey, stuffing and sauerkraut. My wife oversees the rest of the meal which resembles a cornucopia in variety and quantity. Everyone else pitches in equally when it comes to consuming our efforts.

Meantime, Pat Gillick gets a few days off as well, no doubt to contemplate the Phillies pitching needs, which remain not only the team's principal area of weakness, but with regards to the bullpen may still yield the best hope for improvement.


Xander said...

mmm...sauerkraut. can't wait - see you tonight!

RickSchuBlues said...

Yes, no thinking about the Phillies while cooking - you may be inclined to stick your head in the oven.

Corey & Carson said...

looks like wolf is going to be wearing rival dodger blue. it's a shame too, because he's a decent lefty that the organization developed, and he is leaving for a lesser deal.

good news- we didn't sign baez to an outrageous 3 year 19 mil deal.