Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hope Springs A Trick or Two

Kyle Drabek just found out what it's like to play with the big boys. No, not those big boys (the major leaguers he's been hanging with for a week or so) but the college big boys. The Phillies first round draft pick last year would have been a college freshman had he continued with his book learning, but he opted to head straight for professional ball and leave the books and aluminum bats to others.

Drabek got the start yesterday in the Phils' first tilt of the Spring and promptly surrendered a tremendous home run to Florida State University's leadoff batter, a second baseman with allegedly limited power. I assume the second baseman guessed right and Kyle, well, he guessed wrong. By the way, the guy used a wooden bat.

Dare we say back to school?

In that same game Jimmy Rollins drew a leadoff walk, no doubt in order to silence all his critics and change the subject from his bravura to his patience. Nice touch, Jimmy.

No word yet out of the Chicago White Sox camp on how awesome former Phils phenom Gavin Floyd looks. Personally, I can't wait for the first report that says he has guys bailing at the first sight of his 12 to 6 curve.

Aaron Rowand for relief pitching is one of the ongoing rumors of this Spring, but the bet here is the fearless one ain't going anywhere. The Phils are too shallow across the outfield and can ill afford to give up Rowand's experience. The excess commodity remains John Lieber...on and off the field.

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