Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Psst! Wanna' Buy A Bridge?

I digress....

Billy King has just been named the third best GM in the nation by Forbes.com. Writing in the Daily News, Chuck Bausman said he had to do an "electronic 'pinch me'" when he read that one.

Bausman offered this "explanation": According to Forbes.com, GMs were graded on two things: performance vs. the performance of their predecessor, and payroll relative to the league median when compared to their predecessor. Because winning is more important than payroll, Forbes.com double-weighted winning percentage to penalize a GM who cut costs but also hurt his team's winning percentage. Did the GMs get extra points for best-dressed?

What could I say that Bausman didn't say better: [King's] record doesn't make him the third-best GM in Philly, much less all of sports.

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