Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not A Difficult Choice

It is more than obvious to long-time readers of this space that I am something of a moralist, not of the holier-than-thou persuasion, mind you, but a moralist nonetheless. That said, the investigations into steroid use and testimony denying or admitting usage are beginning to get out of hand. Today the FBI announced it would investigate whether Miguel Tejada lied to authorities when he insisted he had not used performance-enhancement drugs.

Frankly, the FBI has bigger fish to fry, much bigger fish. We live in an age of diminishing resources including many human ones and like it or not we are forced to choose where best to apply our efforts and those resources. I'd rather have the Federales out chasing the really bad guys, domestic and foreign, than trying to determine whether an aging shortstop lied or not about using steroids. It's not as though the Feds don't have enough work to do on more matters critical to national security and domestic peace of mind.


SirAlden said...

Agreed. It is also selective enforcement of everyone involved in this.

Stan Chalmers said...

absolutely. this is getting to be a disgrace - i'd call it a witch hunt except it might offend those 17th Century Salem Puritans

Tom G, said...

For the most part I do think that the government is spending way too much time and energy on baseball when there are the larger fry-able fish that Tom mentioned. However, I think that the justice system HAS to prosecute perjury whenever they think it has occurred. You can't allow people to lie under oath and think they can get away with it, otherwise the justice system will crumble.