Thursday, January 31, 2008

Words We Love To Read

Some recent quotes and snippets from articles we found amusing:

An ESPN report commenting on the possible Orioles-Mariners trade in which O's hurler Erik Bedard and M's outfielder Adam Jones are the principals:

Jones, 22, is regarded by scouts and executives with other teams as a rising star. "He's going to be a monster," said an AL talent evaluator. "If you put he [sic] and Nick Markakis in the same outfield, that is the start of something."

Yes, indeed, without Bedard in the rotation it sure will be the start of something for the O's: a lot more balls heading toward Mssrs. Markakis and Jones.

* * * * * * * *

Mark King of the World Bill Conlin down in the "Unimpressed Column" regarding the Mets signing of Johan Santana:

The pressure is all on the Mets. And when all the zeros are finally in place, the 28-year-old Venezuelan's enormous contract and the Himalayan expectations wrapped around it will subject Johan to more fan and media scrutiny than any pitcher in the history of a city, the Sour Apple, that has made a lot of grown pitchers cry. Hideki Irabu, Jeff Weaver and Kevin Brown come immediately to mind.Santana has pitched his entire big-league career in Minnesota, where pressure is getting shut out in an ice-fishing tournament.

Hold on, Bill. Rich and famous athletes in Venezuela are loath to call attention to themselves under any circumstances and one sure-fire way to do so would be to incur the wrath of President [for life if he gets his way] Hugo Chavez who would probably claim ice fishing is just an imperialist cover for oil exploration. You can be sure Santana would have thought twice before registering for any ice-fishing tournaments.

* * * * * * * *

Golf's Ian Poulter is in a very deep water hazard for allegedly stating he was the only golfer capable of challenging Tiger Woods for supremacy. Needless to say, a humbled yet outraged Poulter invoked the usual defense, claiming he was misquoted. But here's the rub according to a piece on ESPN:

Poulter, who said he had not seen a copy of the full article, added that the interview took place three months ago, and he had not heard from the
magazine since.

Please explain to me how anyone would have the temerity to cry foul about being misquoted without reading the entire article first? That's chutzpah!


Tom G said...

There sure has been a lot of talk of golf around here as of late. Seen the light Mr. Goodman?

Tom Goodman said...

I cannot help myself. Tiger Woods is one of the most extraordinary sports figures of our time. That, plus the game itself is a remarkable test of skills and concentration.