Tuesday, April 01, 2008

End To A Perfect Season

It was only one game, the players and manager reminded us after the deed was done, but the outcome confirmed our worst pre-season suspicions: they can hit but they cannot pitch.

Brett Myers, handed the opening day assignment, one suspects, to bolster his ego, failed to deliver. Myers is forever dashing our hopes if not his. Ryan Madson, whose labored delivery masks absolutely nothing on the ball, served up a two-run homer in so-called middle relief, and Tom Gordon, who was washed up before being installed as the emergency closer, squandered a dramatic Phillies' comeback in the bottom of the eighth by giving up five runs in a third of an inning in the top of the ninth of what couldn't be labeled relief unless you were tuned in to Comcast Sportsnet's MidAtlantic division.

The offense produced six runs, normally more than enough to win a ball game, but the pitching staff except for J.C. Romero, Chad Durbin (and Mayor Michael Nutter), was in a charitable mood. The good news is, there are 161 games remaining. The bad news is....

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Anonymous said...

Brett Myers is still Brett Myers and no more than that. Inconsistent. Falls apart after 4 or 5 innings. Every once in a while he teases us and pitches a great game but overall he is no more than a #3. Maybe he should have stayed in the bullpen. Tom Gordon has been washed up since the day they got him. He has blown or lost more saves than anybody I can remember. I cannot believe he gets chance after chance, year after year. One game does not make a season but it surely is deja vu. Or better yet GROUNDHOG DAY!!