Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why We Love NY Sports

These were the headline and opening lines in today's NY Times regarding the Mets:

Playing a Top Team, the Mets Fall Short

CHICAGO — The Mets had played 14 of their first 17 games against teams in the rough-and-tumble National League East, teams they will see again and again and again over the next five long months. They face the Cubs twice this week and not again until September, in the final week of the regular season, a series that may prove critical.

Still, it is never too early for the Mets to gauge themselves against a fellow contender.....

I guess that leaves the Phillies out as contenders, at least as far as Shpigel is concerned. Having taken eleven of the last fifteen games played between the two teams apparently was not sufficient to elevate their status to "top team".

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It takes a lot to outdo George Steinbrenner when it comes to meddling and even more when it comes to using the press to discredit management or players, but son Hank is living proof the apple is still on the tree let alone fallen nearby. Steinbrenner fils opined the other day that "you have to be an idiot" not to use Joba Chamberlain as a starter, which of course is not the role the young fire baller is currently filling.

GM Brian Cashman was diplomatic in his response, saying he thought everyone was in agreement on how to bring along Chamberlain, but you can be sure he is already polishing up his resume. Not mentioned in all of this public mismanagement was the role, if any of manager Joe Girardi in deciding when and where Chamberlain is used.

Former Yankee skipper Joe Torre always said Cashman was the point man for the family Steinbrenner's displeasures and it appears nothing has changed with the new regime.


Anonymous said...

Someone please break this news to the sporting world: the Cubs won 85 games last year, post-season included.

You almost have to pity Yankee fans, don't you? They wait decades for Steinbrenner to wither on the vibe, and then his son, an even bigger blowhard, takes over. The amazing thing is that the team itself has been very professional and classy for a long time.


Anonymous said...

...on the vine, that is.