Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dancin' With The Girls What Brung 'Em

The trade deadline, replete with a ticking down clock at, has passed and the Phils stood pat other than their acquisition a few weeks ago of Joe Blanton.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, acquired Many Ramirez, who can be expected to just be Manny when he arrives. The Phils now have the misfortune of facing a guy with something to prove seven times in the next month.

On the other end of the state, Jayson Bay died and went to baseball heaven, or at least that is what the formerly long-suffering and still insufferable Red Sox Nation considers Fenway Park. Bay must be pinching himself to have escaped one of the worst baseball towns of recent past for one of the they will tell you in Boston.

Ken Griffey Jr. waived his no-trade clause for a chance to play in the World Series with the Central Division leading White Sox. It says here Griffey is still going to be looking for that first World Series appearance come next November. The Sox don't have the horses to overtake the Angels who got even better with their acquisition of Mark Texeira. The post season aside, a quick look at Chicago's lineup makes one wonder what Griffey is expecting with regards to playing time during the remainder of the regular season.

And finally, the Florida Marlins acquired Arthur Rhodes, thus saving all the commenters of the Delaware Valley blogosphere from loading up the venom had the Phillies re-signed him as some rumors suggested. Rhodes has had a decent season for the Mariners and will get the call to face Chase Utley and Ryan Howard the first time the Marlins face the Phils. The local fan base is hoping he simply reprises his last appearances in Citizen Bank Park...nothing more...nothing less

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