Monday, July 21, 2008

Signs Of The Times

How bad are things when your home team is tied for first but is listed second in one of the city's major daily newspapers:

(From the Inquirer)

NY Mets5346.535--
Atlanta4652.4696 1/2

* * * * * * * *

More on Cole Hamels.

It seems Hamels was pissed off at management for giving him too much time off between starts following the All-Star break. Their reasoning was that he has a history of breaking down in the second half and has thrown more innings than ever before up to that point. The club gave him extra time off, a prudent move most pitchers would have probably welcomed. So how does Hamels respond: he goes eight innings allowing four hits and two earned runs. After the game, a loss charged to the bullpen, he complained that he had too much time off and had he pushed himself he probably would have ended up on the DL. He probably wouldn't have said anything had he won the game, something within his control given he'd been handed a lead and could not hold it.
In another quote that got less air time after the game Hamels whined about the continuing disappointment of pitching well and having nothing to show for it.
This is one selfish player.

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