Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Used To It

With apologies to Sports Illustrated.....

A sign the apocalypse is not only upon us but has been consolidated could be found this AM on the crawl under ESPN's Sportscenter in which the lead, the LEAD, was Tom Brady throwing two TD passes in a pre-season game.  The LEAD, for crissakes.  A practice game.  On what may have been a slow night for sports news this couldn't have been the biggest story.  Do we really need further proof this is a football nation and the NFL pays the mortgage for everyone else in sport?

Of course one need only watch Daily News Live to see how much this town obsesses about the Eagles despite the Phillies magical season.

Get used to it, Swing.

* * * * * * * *

The Phils completed their three-game set with Arizona taking the last two games. They should've swept the Dbacks but didn't. Still, they sent another message to a potential playoff opponent.

* * * * * * * *

John Mayberry again justified further playing time by hitting a two-run homer in the game. Good thing the rains finally stopped after more than two hours. It would have been a shame to waste his effort or that of the bullpen, which collectively pitched six innings of one-run ball against Arizona.

One thing is for certain about rain delays: they have to last more than two and half hours for a game to be called. No one wanted to see Arizona make a one-day stopover in Philadelphia later this season to make up one game.

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