Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stubborness Killed The Cat

No question about it, Roy Halladay lost last night because he's too stubborn and his manager won't stand up to him.

Leading 2-1 going into the ninth inning, Halladay surrendered a leadoff single to Justin Upton and immediately the alarms went off everywhere but where it counted, Charlie Manuel's head. Instead of pulling Halladay and summoning Ryan Madson, Manuel again deferred to Halladay who NEVER wants to come out of a game. Another single, by Miguel Montero, and a bases-clearing double by Phillies-killer Lyle Overbay and, boom, the game was lost.

Most managers would have turned that game over to their closer to begin the ninth, but Charlie isn't most managers, especially when he has to take the ball from Halladay. Halladay could use the rest. The Phillies could use the win, giving them enough of a cushion to afford the luxury of resting all of their starters down the stretch. But as is usually the case in these situations, Manuel allowed his horse to lead the cart.

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