Monday, March 26, 2012

Utley Speaks, Says Little

A seventeen minute press conference with Chase Utley can be summed up by three words from the Phils' second baseman:  "Don't freak out!"

We don't know when, if, whether, wherefore, hitherto, from whence, whereby, what for or anything else about Utley's prognosis.

We do know he and the Phils' front office, manager and PR department do not appear to be on the same page.  We also know that he has little use for all the speculation.

If you are a fan, speculation is about all you had available given the information.  Utley probably could have spoken earlier and avoided much of it.  Frankly, the way he has handled his injury issue of the last two seasons has eroded some of his good will in this corner of the nation.

That's it, folks.