Monday, March 19, 2012

We Were Expecting This

The Phillies announced today Chase Utley will probably begin the season on the Disabled List.  He has left camp for a consultation with a specialist regarding his chronic knee condition.  The possibility he will be out a long time if not permanently cannot be ruled out.

Every now and then over the last several years I would advise readers to take a moment to enjoy watching one of the most dedicated athletes ever to play professionally in Philadelphia.  Never take his presence for granted, I wrote.  Ball players like Chase Utley didn't come along often.

Now we are faced with the distinct possibility that all we will have left are the memories.  Diving at everything hit within his zip code.  That short, compact stroke.  How he would take a moment before settling into the batter's box, slightly lean back and look around the field noting where everyone was positioned and what current situation prevailed.

It's hard not to feel cheated if this indeed is the end.  After all, how could anyone ever get enough of his kind of effort?