Sunday, April 15, 2012

Et tu, Pitching?

Now, they aren't even getting terrific starting pitching, and against the Mets, no less!

The Phils dropped their second straight game to the less-than Amazin' Mets yesterday and added insult to injury by failing to score a single run.  Let's face it, folks, these Phillies cannot and will not hit.

Oh, sure, they'll bust out every now and then and, momentarily, fool the Phaithful into believing they have just enough offense to go with their superlative starting pitching to make due.  Ah, but when that superlative starting pitching surrenders four home runs in two games while the home team is dinking a single here, a bunt there, you know this cannot be good.  Eliminate the seven runs in one game last week against the Marlins and you have a picture of futility so far in 2012.

The newcomers among the Phils aren't contributing anything to write home about with the exception of Freddy Galvis, who wasn't expected to contribute and already has including the astonishing transition to second base as if he'd played there all his life, which he has not!  Oh, and for good measure Freddy is leading the team in rbi's.  Not what we expected from this second baseman.

Yes, yes, it's early but the last time I checked the games in April still count in the final standings.