Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who Lost Cole?

There's no telling where the Phillies would be without Cole Hamels, but I'll make a stab at it anyway.

Sixth place in a five team division.

Enjoy him while you can, sports fans, because Cole Hamels, undisputed ace of the staff, is pitching his last season in red pinstripes. 

Ruben Amaro missed his opportunity to re-sign Hamels before this ugly season began.  He won't get another chance because Hamels has seen the future and it doesn't look good for years to come.

San Francisco signed Matt Cain to a five year extension.  The Dodgers signed Clayton Kershaw to a two-year deal.  The Nationals signed Gio Gonzalez to a five-year extension.

And Rube fiddled as the Phillies fizzled.