Monday, May 28, 2012

You Make The Call

Biggest surprise of the weekend in St. Louis:

1.  Kyle Kendricks goes nine on Saturday for his first career shutout and best outing of his five-year career, or;
2.  Roy Halladay goes two on Sunday for his fifth loss of the season vs. four wins.

It's fair to say the Phils have suffered their share of bad breaks this season. Indeed, before the season even got underway they knew they'd be without Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, the heart if not soul of their team.  They also knew more than a few scouts noticed Halladay's velocity was down, an observation that produced instant outrage from the pitcher himself and those around him.

Sunday, Halladay made his quickest exit in a Phillies uniform and after the game it was admitted he had a sore shoulder and had been nursing one.  Velocity down?

Now Halladay will be examined.  The Phils await word on their latest casualty.

Meanwhile, the Phils did take three of four from the Cards in St. Louis, a feat they've performed before in the same venue and one which sparked their take off.  But those teams had Utley , Howard and Halladay.  No telling what lies in store for them now.