Saturday, October 27, 2012

Suffering Fools Gladly

Word has it Larry Bowa is being considered for the manager's job in Miami.

Great.  Take one of the worst towns for baseball, mix in an alleged brain trust whose collective IQ is smaller than their individual shoe sizes and what do you have?  A serious case of ineptitude.

From a blathering clown hired for four seasons and fired after one to considering a hyperventilating screamer who has failed at every stop.  Miami owner Jeffrey Loria hasn't a clue.  If he isn't busy trying to hire a manager who will appeal to the Latin fan base he's focusing on retreads.  Bowa was intensely disliked in Philadelphia by the people who counted the most:  his players.  He flopped badly in San Diego, too.  I guess that makes him the ideal candidate for Miami.

* * * * * * * *

The Tigers have their backs to the wall and will count on Anabel Sanchez to stave off further disaster.  Sanchez was pretty successful when he came over to the Tigers but that was due in no small measure to unfamiliarity among AL hitters.  The Giants know Sanchez, which gives them the advantage.

Meanwhile, who tries to send Prince Fielder from first to home on a double?  Fielder moves pretty well for a small-sized mountain, but not from first to home.  Maybe the third base coach figured the Tigers wouldn't get another hit.  He was pretty much right on that front.

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Anyone seen Andrew Bynum?

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