Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go Figure

It sure didn't seem like Jimmy Rollins had an award-winning season, but there is it in black and white:  Rollins wins 4th Gold Glove.

To be sure, Jimmy had a better season in the field than at the plate but from my seat on the couch it looked like he'd lost a step in 2012 and I don't mean from home to first.  Yes, he was sure-handed, but he certainly didn't look like a Gold Glove winner.

J-Roll's award should be the only hardware taken home by a Phillie in this post-season unless one counts the chains several of them are carrying around.

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BTW, anyone seen Andrew Bynum?

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Bill said...

He really didn't have much competition. With Tulowitzki out, the only other real option was Jose Reyes. Rollins wins on reputation.