Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Sale: Slightly Used Set of Expensive Free Agents

The sick joke that is Miami baseball just sunk to new lows with the announcement yesterday of what most of the media is calling a "blockbuster trade" but which I prefer to label for what it is: the latest confirmation that Miami is the worst baseball town in major league baseball.

Even having won two rental World Series, here is a franchise that unloads players with anything above minimum salaries the way Bain Capital unloaded leveraged companies.

Thanks to years of abuse by different ownerships, the so-called fan base is nothing more than 19 visiting tourists, 200 ushers, 150 vendors, 8 season ticket holders and all the sea gulls who can find a landing spot every night. If you've ever watched a telecast from Miami, it looks more like a de Chirico painting than a baseball stadium.  Foul balls rattle around the empty seats for minutes until finally coming to rest unclaimed!

Of course MLB's alleged brain trust has the final say on this unloading to Toronto, but Bud Selig isn't going to invoke any "good for baseball" clauses to prevent this latest fiasco. He hasn't the cojones.

If I had more energy I'd look up how much the good people of Miami forked over for this new stadium, but I don't and, anyway, they pretty much deserve what they get for being such lousy fans in the first place.

There are plenty of cities that would love the chance to root for the home team.  Miami has never been one of them.  We knew that before the lime green stadium opened and we know it will remain a place where foul balls go to die.  Baseball, the game?  It died years ago there.

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