Sunday, November 04, 2012


Have you noticed the conversation about the New England Patriots inevitably centers on Tom Brady? The Denver Broncos?  On Peyton Manning.  The Giants, his brother Eli.  On the Eagles?  The coach.

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Bob Brookover wrote a piece in today's Inquirer listing his preferences for filling the many holes on the Phillies.  I agree with many of them.  Unfortunately, so do most of the other 29 MLB teams.  The problem with the Phils is they are hamstrung in the money department.  The were not only big spenders of late, they were over-spenders.  They raided the minor league pantry too much and signed too many players to ruinous long-term deals.

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Temples' entry into the Big East has been a difficult one.  Too bad, really, because last year's team would have fared much better given its strengths on both sides of the ball.  The current squad is young, which bodes better for the future...hopefully.  Remember this, too:  last year's squad was really Al Golden's. 

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The remainder of the NHL season is circling the bowl.

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Anyone seen Andrew Bynum?

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One last thing....

I received a marvelous email Saturday afternoon.  Attached was one of those 1950's illustrations showing a housewife with the caption reminding viewers to turn back their clocks one hour that night.  It also reminded viewers not to turn back the country 50 years on Tuesday.

Here's one vote for Barack Obama. 


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