Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodbye To All That

This miserable season will be over in a few hours and those among us still willing to admit to being Phillies' fans can shift their attention cleaning out the basement.  Really, now, did you expect me to say "to the Eagles, Sixers or Flyers"?!

These are tough times for sports fans in the Delaware Valley.  All you need to know about the Sixers is they begin their second straight season without a big man in the middle.  Wait!  That's not the bad part.  They begin their second straight season having known in early summer they wouldn't have a big man.

The Flyers begin the season with the same questions about their defense with which they began last season. They also begin yet another season with questions about goal-tending.  One thing seems pretty certain about the Fly boys, however.  During the season they will make a deal to reacquire someone whom they discarded earlier.  They do that...a lot.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are going nowhere fast.  Literally.  They have a hurry-up offense with only one legitimate receiver and a defense that would have a very tough time stopping Alabama.

As for the Phils....   The other night they wasted a superb effort by Cliff Lee in losing 1-0.  They garnered two hits that night.  They have been auditioning a lot of minor league pitchers in particular and the results suggest most of these guys will be minor league pitchers again.  As for position players, they still don't have an intimidating lineup, unless of course, you are standing on the pitcher's mound surveying the scene.

Have a nice off-season...if you can.

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