Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As if anyone needed further evidence of just how much management views players as commodities with self-life expediencies, I offer you last night's sad ending to Roy Halladay's career, not only in Philadelphia but baseball itself.

Oh, sure, there is probably some GM out there who might take a flyer for next Spring, but for all intents and purposes Doc is finished.

He might have been able to come back next February for a try-out had he not rushed back this Summer after shoulder surgery and had the Phillies' alleged brain trust not insisted he take off the rest of the season to give his shoulder time to heal.

The Phillies' alleged brain trust knew Doc wouldn't sit if they hadn't insisted and therein lies the moral to this particular tale.  Go ahead, they reasoned, give it your best.  Secretly, we know you're cooked and not-so-secretly (public protestations notwithstanding) there is a zero chance we re-sign you.  So, yes, go ahead and pitch.

The results were diminishing velocity, accuracy and in the end stamina.  There he was last night in an air conditioned dome with the roof closed sweating like bullets and completely spent.

Very sad.

The Phillies' alleged brain trust will utter the usual platitudes and then, a year or so down the road, honor Doc.  They could have honored him much more by helping him to recover this season, but they let him run out the string and he hung himself with it.

But don't kid yourself,, the Phillies alleged brain trust handed him the rope.

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