Friday, May 23, 2014

Predictable & Boring

Managers like to talk about certain pitchers giving the team a chance to win every fifth day when they take the ball.

Kyle Kendrick is never mentioned in that conversation.

Kendrick always has a bad inning or two somewhere along the way.  Some times he implodes right out of the chute; other times he is sailing along and then it happens.  The proverbial bottom line remains negative. Kyle, it seems, never gives his team a chance to win.

* * * * * * * *

In the interest of full disclosure, I've watched very little baseball this season.  I've read a fair amount and watched replays and wrap-ups, but it isn't much fun to sit there inning after inning listening to the most boring three-man commentary in baseball today describing a team that isn't much fun to watch...and hasn't been for a few seasons now.

The Phillies manage to take three out of four in Los Angeles, never an easy place to play for any East Coast team and then find all sorts of ways to lose more than they win ever since.  One night (or three) they just don't hit.  Then they kick the ball around.  Then the bullpen implodes or a starter gets rocked.

They already look like the tired, veteran team they are.

Of course they do have some youth on the squad, but there isn't much infusion from that group including Domonic Brown, who has all but disappeared this season, and Ben Revere, who should.

Cody Asche has shown some life (but not leather) with the bat lately, no doubt a nominee for Reverse Curse of the Month award from yours truly.

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