Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hold Your Applause

The three readers of this space may have missed it, but I Reversed Cursed Cole Hamels a few months ago and, sure enough, he responded with a string of stellar performances worthy of the title "Ace"!

If rumors are to be believed (need I remind you they aren't?!) Hamels' name has been bandied about a great deal as the July trade deadline approaches.  If the Phillies were to trade him, they would be signaling they not only are finally going to begin the rebuilding process, but they want to do it overnight in one fell swoop. Now, it wouldn't surprise me if the Phillies' alleged brain trust thought they could undo years of incompetence overnight, but I doubt seriously they are willing to shed the only pitcher on this squad capable of, as Matt Gelb of the Inquirer so eloquently put it this AM:  "But every fifth day, Hamels makes everyone associated with the Phillies forget their current predicament."

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