Thursday, July 29, 2004

Centerfielders to Let

Go ahead, Mr. Wade, rent Kenny Lofton for the remainder of the season; everyone else has.  Lofton has only played on eight teams since breaking in during the 1991 season including six different clubs in the last four seasons alone.  So go ahead, trade Marlon Byrd or some other prospect for the 37-year old Lofton.  That should surely help the Phillies get over the hump provided, of course, the fly balls Kenny pursues actually stay in the park.

Some have suggested the Phillies brass need to do something, anything, to show their players if not their fans they are committed to winning now.  But renting Kenny Lofton is not the answer.  The Phillies can’t get people out and they can’t hit in the clutch.  Unless Kenny Lofton has been working on his slider on the side, he isn’t the answer.  But go ahead, Mr. Wade, make a gesture.

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