Monday, July 26, 2004

With Friends like this...

Tom Friend, an alleged senior “writer” for ESPN The Magazine, has penned one the most sophomoric pieces I’ve read in a long time on the potential move of the Montreal Expos to Washington. 

His tantrum, er article, boils down to this:  Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos [no friend of this blogger - see the archives] continues to block the relocation of any franchise to his territory without compensation.  Friend deems Angelos' behavior grossly unfair and cites as "evidence" Washington is a great sports town that supports all of its teams through thick and thin while Baltimore is a town of losers, even when its teams are winning.  Ergo, the folks in DC deserve, indeed merit, a major league baseball team of their own.

Washington is a city that has already seen two baseball team’s depart, first for Minnesota and then for Texas.  No one stays in Washington during the summer.  It was a swamp when they carved the city out of the Maryland countryside and it remains a breeding ground to this day for all sorts of  things that crawl and slither.  The average temperature in Washington during the summer usually hovers around the unfit-for-human-habitation level and the humidity checks in somewhere in the vicinity of the tropics.  Maybe MLB should relocate the Expos to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  That’s where anyone with enough cash to afford a luxury box in DC is likely to be between May and September anyway.

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