Thursday, July 29, 2004

Seller Information

What’s with this July 31 trading deadline mania?  Is it worse than ever or is it my imagination?  Every other blog, Sportscenter©, and newspaper column is caught up in the speculation of who is going where and for whom.  Meanwhile, ten and five guys are vetoing trades while other players are imploring management to call in the cavalry or, failing that, a centerfielder or starting pitcher.

Well, I have a solution.  Get rid of the trading deadline.  Instead, take all of the players who fall into one or more of the following categories:

1.  Have a gripe with the manager; and/or
2.  Are in the final year of a contract; and/or
3.  Will be free agents at the end of the current season; and/or
4.  Will only play for a West Coast team; and/or
5.  Are willing to restructure their salaries; and/or
6.  Need a change of scenery; and

Let them auction themselves off on EBAY.  But only under certain conditions:  no reserves and the players pay the shipping.

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