Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's a funny game, isn't it?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

The Phils finally get a laugher after weeks of close shaves that went either way. More important, they won a series on the road against a team that has given them fits after getting shut out the first game. That sort of comeback is the mark of a good team. Let's see if it lasts.

Cole Hamels set the Phils back on track with his masterful performance Tuesday night. Jamie Moyer, ageless Jamie Moyer, followed Hamels with six shutout innings of his own. Quietly, Moyer won is 234th career victory. Some people wrote him off ten years ago. Others, like myself, were busy writing him off earlier this season. Fortunately, Moyer doesn't read his own press notices.

Ryan Howard had his best game of the season, belting two home runs, one a moon shot, and a double to knock in four runs. Afterwards, he had this to say to reporters: Confidence-wise, I'm fine. It's just a matter of balls falling in. I have to keep taking it at-bat to at-bat and get the momentum going. Not to rain on his one-day parade, but it's more than "just a matter of balls falling in" when you are striking out three times a game. It's a matter of getting his bat on the ball. Last night's game was certainly fodder for the camp that argues a strikeout is not just another out. I'm with those who believe getting a bat on the ball is better than not.

On DNL last night Ken Rosenthal opined that many people believe Howard's weight is a problem. Rosenthal also noted Howard, always an average first baseman at best, is hurting the Phils with his poor play in the field, too. If he really is on the road to straightening himself out at the plate, the fielding will probably pick up.

Shane Victorino also had a good night at the plate and, hopefully, convinced his manger to leave him permanently in centerfield. Odds are that Manuel will, for now. He always goes with a hot bat. Victorino is clearly Werth's superior with the glove. After last night, their batting averages aren't far apart though Werth's power numbers are clearly superior.

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Tom G, said...

I too think Howard would play a bit better if he was a little more lean, but, he was basically the same build in '05,'06, and the second half of '07, so I'm not sure how much it really matters.