Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Save A Few

Gadzooks, they're hitting.

Don't look now but the offense everyone predicted would be among the league's best is beginning to heat up as temperatures climb. Nearly everyone's favorite whipping boy Pedro Feliz has been on a tear, raising his average to .271. Chase Utley set a career mark for rbi's with six. Chris Coste continues to make it difficult forCharlie Manuel to sit him very long. Ryan Howard has been above the Mendoza line for nearly a week. So Taguchi, who has hit some balls hard all season but at people, saw three of them drop in for a change as he got a rare start. Shane Victorino is also making it hard to Charlie to give his job in centerfield away.

The 20 hits they stroked last night were against a Colorado club that is missing many of its key players from last year's extraordinary [and anomalous?] run. The anticipated rematch between MVP competitors Jimmy Rollins and Matt Holliday never materialized as the latter was on the Disabled List. The Rockies were also missing their starting shortstop, rightfielder and third baseman. Whatever. Twenty hits is a ton no matter who's out there. As my father used to say, it's too bad they couldn't save a few of them for the next game

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